Who is Lyle Latvala?

Lyle Latvala

Lyle Latvala

Lyle Latvala originally semi-retired in 1997 after having three major careers. He has now embarked on his fourth career.

Lyle graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1966. Beginning his aerospace career with what was then Douglas Aircraft, he worked on the engine nacelle design for the original DC-10. Moving to Seattle to work for Boeing with his wife Karen in 1969 to escape the even-then-overgrown megalopolis of Los Angeles, he quickly left Boeing during its early-1970’s purge of employees (100,000 to 38,000) and moved to McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis where he worked on the F-15 stabilator and the DC-10 wing control surfaces.

Lyle was born with aviation in his blood. His Father had been the only A & E Mechanic north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota during the depression, and he had learned to fly in Stinsons and Stearmans. He then became on Flight Engineer for Pan Am flying S-44 flying boats out of Dinner Key in Miami, and flew DC-4’s, DC-6’s, 377’s, DC-7’s, and DC-8’s before retiring in 1968. Lyle earned his private pilot’s license in 1966, and even today loves airplanes……but, there were tough decisions to be made by Lyle and his wife, Karen.

Realizing that aerospace engineering was probably not a good long-term career, in 1973 he made his first major career change to sales and marketing, working for Norton Company, the world’s largest industrial-abrasive product manufacturer. After a successful career in sales, engineering, and marketing, in 1985 when Norton’s management started making some employee decisions with which he wasn’t comfortable, Lyle made another major career change to the financial services business.

Originally becoming a stock broker with what was then the Robinson-Humphrey branch of Shearson-Lehman, Lyle realized that his long-time interest & expertise in financial analysis and his personal ethics were incompatible with the desires of Robinson-Humphrey management. So, since he had all the necessary qualifications and the required licenses, Lyle then became owner of a money management firm. He sold the firm in 1991. Continuing in the financial services business, he joined a friend who was developing an institutional advisory service and helped grow that product world-wide to all the major financial institutions on every continent from Europe to Asia and Australia. Today Lyle continues to very closely follow the financial markets and the entire financial industry.

Realizing that it was time to make a change…..as he likes to say, “I was tired of making rich people richer,” in 1997 he and his wife sold their Georgia home, bought a truck and travel trailer, and drove all over the western United States for a year to find a place to relocate and eventually built an off-the-grid, environmentally-friendly, passive-solar home in Coaldale, Colorado.

Lyle and his wife have two daughters. The fact that, in 1997, both of their daughters had already begun successful careers in the travel industry and as a professional pilot…..leaving Lyle and Karen as ‘empty nesters’…..certainly gave them the flexibility to move on.

Over the years, Lyle and his wife have been blessed with many gifts and realize that it’s time to contribute in an even larger way to the world. With their expertise in small business management, finances and investments, personal life coaching, health products, photography, and alternative-home construction, The LYKAL Group was formed.

Lyle’s personal mission is, “I motivate, lead, and inspire individuals to realize that they, themselves, can move from where they are to where they want to be…..and I help them to do so.”

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